Systems For Sustainability

Are you in a place where you are repeating tasks that you know are time wasters? Or maybe you’re ready to hire help but are overwhelmed with training someone to do all of the things you know how to do?

You can read the transcription of this episode here or download the pdf.

In this episode of the Doers Shakers Makers podcast, we’ll talk about systems and how creating them will provide sustainability in your work and business.

Here’s what is covered:

  1. What are systems?
  2. What can be systemized?
  3. How do you know what to systemize?
  4. Why are systems great?
  5. How do you create systems for business, work and life?

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News & Announcements mentioned in this episode:

  • Thank you to everyone who came out to the meet up on Friday! Stay tuned for info about the next one.
  • The Doers Shakers Makers Network! This is a membership group that includes courses, accountability, monthly challenges and of course, wonderful conversations among fellow small business owners and sales professionals in a private, safe and judgment-free zone.
  • The Doers Shakers Makers Facebook group will remain just as it is. Free, engaged and a wonderful place to find fellow go-getters. The groups will co-exist with the Network offering a more robust experience for those of you who are interested.

The Doers Shakers Makers podcast is hosted and produced by Business Strategist, Writer, and Speaker, Sierra Bailey. Did this episode inspire you or you want to say hi? Send Sierra an email.

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