Take the 20 in 2020 Challenge

Have you ever set a number of goals or things to do in a year that was for a big birthday or a year number? This year, I’m challenging you to make a list of 20 goals to do in 2020 to help you have purpose and joy in the year ahead.

Today I’ll explain how to choose your goals for the 20 in 2020 challenge, provide examples, and hopefully motivate you to do 20 amazing things in 2020!

What is covered in this episode:
1. Why do a challenge like this?
2. What type of goals you should set.
3. The difference between short, mid-range and long term goals.
4. Where to share your goals for accountability.
5. The tools you need to do the 20 in 2020 challenge.
6. Examples of what to have on your list.

Download the pdf and then join us in the Facebook group for accountability!

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