The evolution: where do I go from here?

What, did you think I forgot all about the evolution?  Quite the contrary, I have been hard at work getting Manic Trout in shape and ready for the Holiday season!  I found myself yesterday pulled off the road and facing a fence which had this landscape sprawled behind it.  I had a few minutes to kill, and it was a freakish 78 degrees out so I lingered a bit gazing off into the distance.  I started thinking that I wish I could see into the future, even just a tiny piece of it like I could see the far off tip of the road…but alas, I cannot.  I often wish I knew what lied ahead so I could plan for it, but then I started thinking that as things change in the flash of a second, knowing the future would never really be certain anyway.  AND, isn’t the journey…the getting there…the fun part?

I have felt that way about the rebranding and its been really fun kind of starting over…especially with a bit of knowledge under my belt.  I also realized that I have learned a few big lessons over the past few years.

  1. You are never done with your image/brand.  Embrace change.
  2. Perhaps 10,000 stickers are a few too many to order for a small business.
  3. What you thought two years ago to be your absolute aesthetic may not at all be now.

There is as expected a long list to go along with these few lessons learned, but these are the most relevant to me this week.  I have 6,500 stickers to figure out what to do with at the moment.

The truth is, who knows where Manic Trout will be in another year…my designs will keep evolving and so will the brand, that I now know is an absolute truth.  I am crossing my fingers that I don’t have a flood again this year (although as I moved, so chances are good that I won’t).  The last flood proved that really bad things happen (sometimes the same things twice!)  and while they may slow me down for a bit, I can just brush myself off (or dry myself) and pick up the pieces again elsewhere.  That lovely little disaster in fact prompted a great deal of change in both my personal and professional life and in a pretty great way, so look at how that worked out!

Basically, my little roadside reflection made me realize that I cannot predict where the future will fling me, but I feel a bit more confident now that at least I know I can survive being flung.

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