The Perks of Owning a Tiny Business

I am always talking about how amazing it is to be a talented, tiny business owner. Today let’s go into detail today about why. I’m going to give you three reasons why it’s great to be a talented, tiny business owner.

Before we jump in, I will tell you what that means to be a talented, tiny business owner. It simply means to own a business based on something that you are talented in. You love to do the work. You want to do the work. And you have five or fewer employees. That’s the tiny. You, maybe four people to help you out. Maybe contract employees, maybe full-time employees, but that’s not what the conversation is about today. This conversation is about why it is incredible to be a talented, tiny business owner.

The first is the thing that everybody who owns a business talks about. I don’t know if they even know what it means to them, but they use the word freedom. We definitely have to address that perk. You hear it all the time.

“I love being self-employed because of freedom.”
“I want to be self-employed because of the freedom.”
“I want to own my own business because of the freedom.”

What does that mean? Well, especially for those that have had corporate jobs in the past, usually freedom means the freedom, the flexibility to have the schedule that you want, the ability to take off time when you need. The ability to work the hours that you want. If you are a caregiver to your children, or maybe to a parent or something like that, it means being able to work around that caregiving. If you’re trying to start a lifestyle business where you can do the things you want to do, like travel and have hobbies, it’s being able to work around that when you want to.

Talented, tiny business owners, you can absolutely work when you want and have that freedom. You just have to communicate it with your customers and clients. You want to take that whole summer off. You can do it. You just have to communicate that it will happen. So that everybody expects it, set the expectations. Communicate what will happen, and you can have that freedom. And that flexibility 100%, especially if it’s just you. If it’s just you, you can maybe take that show on the road. If not, like I said, with your communication and setting expectations, you can set up to have the schedule and the freedom that you want. Freedom also sometimes means financial security. So it means not having a ceiling. You can, as a talented, tiny business owner, make a fantastic living. You can far out-earn many positions in corporate America. The only thing holding you back is you. So you again, have the freedom to make your living your way and typically make a lot more than you would be able to.

If you did work for somebody else, a lot of people think that that’s often not the case, but when you really start to look at the statistics, the people that end up leaving corporate and going freelance, most of the time do make more than if they had stayed at that position.

The second one came so much into play during the pandemic, and that is the ability to move fast and pivot really quickly. You do not have to have a lot of conversations about a change in your offerings, about adding new revenue streams, about completely going in a different direction altogether. If you want to try a new campaign for marketing, you can quickly implement it and put it into action. There is not a lot of bloatedness in the bureaucracy of business. You can just make a decision and go take action.

Tiny business owners can move so fast in doing this. It really was why most of the tiny businesses did so well during the pandemic. Because they easily were able to see if they let’s say, lost a revenue stream by not being in person or any industry change that went on during the pandemic. And they were able to move into other areas, add revenue streams in the way of new products and services and make up for it. That is such a benefit of being tiny. You have that ability to move fast.

The third is probably my favorite because I am somebody that loves my quiet alone time. I’m trying to not label myself as an introvert. Labels are not great because I’m maybe taking on characteristics that I don’t want, but I will say I really do enjoy quiet and I enjoy alone time.

A lot of what I do is very creative and it’s now being proven that in order to be innovative, that in order to be creative, you need to have a lot of alone time. And a lot of quiet. The big open work concepts are not as great as they once were thought to be because so many people are feeling frustrated at not getting work done. And not having that chance to feel creative. And to have not only that recharge but that quiet introspective time to think. Thinking is essential for creativity. And what many of us start to crave when we are not owning our own businesses? Is that quiet, that solitude, that ability to work that into our schedule and to have a lot of that time of working alone.

Collaboration is great. It is great to have a team, but it is equally great to have that solitude introspective time, time to be creative and to innovate. And you definitely get that when you’re a tiny business owner. Sometimes too much, so it’s a downside too. But the upside of what quiet. alone time can do for your work outweighs it.

I love talking about how awesome talented, tiny business owners are so much that I’ve started writing books for you! My first book, Smarter Starting comes out in June of 2021. If it’s already past that time, go look it up because that first chapter kicks it off by letting you know what all of the best parts and the worst are of being a talented, tiny business owner.

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