The Rule of Three

Have you heard about the Rule of Three? It’s a concept used in other areas of design, such as interiors, but it has a great benefit to help you getting dressed as well. Especially if you need to put together a business casual outfit. It’s a very simple rule and it’s that when getting dressed, always add a third item (not including shoes) to make your outfit look more pulled together.

This is so effective, that retailers like Nordstrom and Banana Republic require their sales staff wear three items at a time so that they look more professional at work. Think about when you get dressed, our instinct is to put on a top and bottom or maybe a dress, add shoes and walk out the door. But when you take that extra minute to add a blazer, scarf, hat or statement jewelry, your outfit is instantly elevated to a more pulled together level.

Here are some options for third items to make sure you have in your wardrobe:

  • blazers
  • cardigans
  • scarves
  • belts
  • hats
  • statement jewelry (big necklaces make the biggest impact)
  • vests
  • dusters

To see more about the rule of three, check out Episode 42 of Friday Live!

Next time you get dressed, ask yourself: am I wearing three items?

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