Things I Love And Use In My Own Business


My absolute favorite tool to recommend is Todoist. The To-Do list software that I am obsessed with and that works with the GTD method if you use it, which you don’t have to. The free version is incredible and the Premium version is incredibly affordable if you want all of the bells and whistles. If you are overwhelmed, I offer a Tiny Workshop on how to use it effectively for your business.


FocusMe has been a lifesaver for keeping me off of the internet for long stretches at a time when I’m working. Especially helpful for writing as you can choose what you block and for how long. The paid version has been absolutely worth it and I love being able to block social media sites only if I need to access google for research while writing.


I have been amazed by how helpful a transcribing app can be. I find that I transcribe videos and podcasts for both reformating as long-form text and to capture pull quotes for social media. Temi is a robo-transcriber, so it’s not as accurate as a human, but for $.25 per minute, I’m ok with that. You can edit within the platform and export to a variety of mediums, from timed captions to word docs.


If you have been around me for 2 minutes, you have heard me sing the praises of Calendly. It was the 2nd Tiny Workshop I created, and I love to get people using it. The free version can be a huge time saver if you do a good deal of networking in booking 1:1s. The paid versions have incredible potential to help you in your business. Take the Tiny Workshop to find out more about how you can use it!


As far as email lists go, I prefer to use a paid program as spending a small amount per month, can go a long way in regard to features. I love GetResponse and enjoy the options available with upgrades as well, such as webinars. The interface works for me and it’s compatible with WordPress.


I’m such a fan of Canva, that I created a Tiny Workshop for it to teach everyone about the benefits and uses for it. It’s an incredibly powerful tool to use for business. You can do a great deal with the free version, but the paid version gives you so much more. You can schedule out your social media throughout, create a brand kit and have access to photo, video and audio stock art. Feeling overwhelmed with using Canva? There’s an On-Demand Tiny Workshop for that!


I was approached by VEED to try out their online video editor and instantly fell in love. It’s fantastic for adding subtitles, text overlay and elements. It’s also simple enough that I was able to pick up and use it quickly without a big learning curve. If you’re looking for an easy to use, online video editor, is the way to go!


On-demand printing is an excellent way to add a revenue stream to a tiny business without taking on the extra work of fulfillment or the expense of inventory. I personally chose to use Printify for my own business for its reputation, selection of products, and the ability to choose printers. It has been a great way to create Doers merch!

Please note that the tools with an * next to them will allow me to get a small percentage of the sale, or credit towards a free product when you use the link from clicking on the logo.

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