Deep Thoughts on Two Dogs Vs One


So many wonderful things have come out of adopting a second dog last winter. It’s interesting to look back after almost a year and see what changed, what did not and what the good and bad from it is. A great deal of what did change was due to having a senior dog and bring a 4 year old into our home, who for their breed is pretty much newly out of puppy phase. So much more energy! We absolutely love having both an aging dog and a young pup – so much variety! The biggest change has been oddly in Faye regarding her schedule. She used to sleep when I slept and would stay buried under the covers until I woke up, no matter the duration of sleep or the time. A few months ago, she began waking up between 5 and 7am and demanding to be fed and let out. Then Mora would wake up and the two would jump on our heads until one of us woke up. The only way to stop this seems to be kennel them or ignore them (we tried everything else). We really don’t want to kennel them and ignoring only made it impossible for us to sleep, so we take turns getting up to feed them and let them out and then return to bed. However, we have been looking into kennels that are spacious enough for our two dogs and provide shelter if the weather gets bad. I won’t feel as cruel locking them in these ready made dog kennels– it’s like their own little home! With the method we’re using currently, of getting up to feed them, both dogs fall asleep immediately. However, Mora is a morning dog, so at about 8 she wakes up again and rolls around on the floor or sits in the sliding glass door window gazing out at birds. I have taught her to knock on the door when she’s ready to go out, so I’ll get up to open the door when that happens. Then last month, Faye started wanting to get up again as well, for water usually. But she cannot get up on the bed by herself any more, so we have to help her after she wanders off to get water. We have actually started to look for some joint supplements to start giving her from places like Pet Parents, to see if it helps improve her movement, but we will get back to you with how we get on. Basically neither of us have had a good nights sleep in about 6 months. It’s the only complaint we have though, so I’ll take it. I put together lists of the top 5 pros and cons of 2 dogs vs 1, because I love lists. Before I leave you for the lists, I need to mention that 1st and foremost, Mora is wonderful and her personality is awesome. Everyday Adam and I talk about how lucky we are to be her parents.


Top 5 Pros:
1. When they interact cutely with each other, it makes both Adam and I gush like no other. If there’s a dog cuddle puddle, we almost cry out of joy.
2. There is now an equal human to dog ratio in the house, although we often end up with two dogs lying with one human.
3. Even though Faye acts like a put out older sister much of the time, when they are home alone, I know that they have each other.
4. There is much more “fun with dogs now happening”, like double dog selfies!
5. They keep each other active and run around the yard together.

Top 5 Cons:
1. Adam and I have both travelled a lot in the past year, but never together. I still have too much guilt to leave Mora. Kenneling two dogs is expensive and it’s hard to find a sitter for both.
2. Dirt, mud and dog hair x2. If they both need emergency baths at the same time, it’s really challenging. As for the dog hair, we read an article about an air purifier and decided to invest. The article is worth a read if you’re a dog owner.
3. Having one dog for 13 years means there is much jealousy, which means sometimes fighting.
4. They pick up each others bad habits.
5. Having people come to the door can be stressful…we’re working on that.

The list of cons is pretty basic. The pros out weight them greatly. I will admit that I draw the line at two though. Perhaps if they were not terriers (a nice way of saying that their assholes) or all older it would be ok, but only two rat terriers at a time for me!

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  • Pretty great read, especially since we are getting a second dog on New Year’s Eve. Keep writing, Sierra!


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