What habit will I say goodbye to in 2019?

I’ve been reading a lot about habits. Not the most exciting reading subject for everyone, but I’m so intrigued by it. I have so many questions about them. What makes us stick to some habits and not to others? Why do we not do the ones that we know are good for us? What does it so difficult to make a good habit stick compared to a bad habit? Where does the willpower to make good habits stick come from?

When you start reading up on the subject, you open a door to fascinating answers to these questions. You also start to do a great deal of introspection about your own habits. What are your good habits and what are your bad? What needs attention and what is doing just fine? As the end of the year approaches, how do I feel about my current habits?

How are you feeling about yours?

Is this the year that I’ll make a change to that one thing that I keep promising myself I’ll do? What is that thing? Should I make it a resolution? I am back and forth about resolutions. Sometimes I make more than I could ever accomplish. Sometimes I make none. Perhaps this year, I’ll pick one thing. One small little tweak to my life that I want to change. One habit to create or delete.

What will it be?

Maybe the more important question is, what habit should I say goodbye to in the new year? You see, one of the most effective ways to create a new habit is to replace a bad habit with it. The cue and reward in the habit loop would stay the same, only the habit itself would change. If that’s the case, then I should focus on what should go away this year and then pick something to replace it with. Instead of thinking of what we want to make habit of in the new year, the question should really be:

What habit do I want to stop in 2019?








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