What Scares You?

How often do you push yourself through fear and do things that scare you? And I don’t mean things like walking alone in a dark park at night. I’m talking more about the risks that we shy away from emotionally and on more of a “less likely to kill you” level. Like walking up to a stranger at an event and introducing yourself. Or starting that side hustle you can’t stop dreaming about. Or writing that book you’ve been talking about for years. Or asking your crush out on a date.

Doing things that scare you has been widely written about and pondered because the outcomes hold real merit. When you think about the highlight reel of your life, how many of these moments never would have happened if fear held you back? If you didn’t take a risk?

I was chatting with someone the other day who works with hospice. She brought up something that really stuck with me. “You know what people who are dying say are their regrets? The things they were too afraid to try. That they never asked that girl out. That they never started that business. That they never looked fear in the face and said, I’m going to do it anyway.” How’s that for something to think about?

On a personal note, I know that I have never once regretted falling flat on my face from doing something that terrified me. The things I wish I could back and change? Those that I didn’t try sooner. The times that I didn’t go bigger. The situations where I didn’t make the leap when I first had the chance. Am I always brave? Hell no! I still have to get on myself constantly and hold back way more than I’d like. But I’m trying. And I love it every time someone gives me that little nudge to remind me to stop being so wimpy and do the thing I want to do but am not because it scares me.

So today I’m nudging you. Get out there and be brave today. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You fail? Awesome. You’ll learn a great lesson. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll have the best time of your life.

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