What To Put In Your Profile

Do you find yourself unsure of what to put in your social media and other online profiles? Of is every profile filled out with something random that does nothing to help promote your or your business or help people find you?

In this episode of the Doers Shakers Makers podcast, we’ll get to the bottom of what you should include in your online profiles and how to make them work for you and your brand.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Where to start.
  • Where to focus.
  • How to choose your username.
  • What your display name should be.
  • What your photo should be.
  • What the best URL to use is.
  • What is included in your bio.
  • What about the extras?
  • Should you use background images?
  • Privacy settings.
  • Level of activity you should aim for.
  • Tips.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Social Media sites in order of users per month (as of April 2019):
    • Facebook: 2.23 billion
    • YouTube: 1.9 billion
    • WhatsApp: 1.5 billion
    • Facebook Messenger: 1.3 billion
    • WeChat: 1.06 billion
    • Instagram: 1 billion
    • Tumbler: 642 million
    • TikTok: 500 million
    • Twitter: 335 million
    • Reddit: 330 million
    • LinkedIn: 294 million
    • Snapchat: 255 million
    • Pinterest 250 million
    • Medium: 60 million
  • LinkTree or Lnk.bio
  • Unsplash.com

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