Why I love my email list and newsletters

In meetings with clients these last few weeks, we have talked a great deal about the importance of creating, having and sending regular emails to your mailing list. Early this summer I finally decided to start a new one that had nothing to do with any “work” I was doing. I knew I wanted it to be basically a place where I gathered all of the things I liked each week and shared them with people interested in reading such a list.

Last week, one of those things happened to be a podcast that I started this month as a hobby, so I, of course, am able to promote things I am working on. If you have a product, think 1 in 4 can sell and if you are a coach or consultant 1 in 7.

As you are creating and sending and putting out content each week, remember that the point is to give your subscribers something they want to receive. Email is more powerful than ever as we are all fiercely protective of giving out our addresses. If someone signs up for yours they WANT to hear from you. They don’t want to be sold to all the time, but they are interested in what you are up to!

Make sure you are posting regularly so they don’t forget about you and then wonder why you are suddenly emailing. Be consistent with when you send. I send out weekly, on Wednesdays and am still playing around with times.

Choose a provider and just do it. Don’t over think it. I like MailChimp and have used a handful of providers over the years, it just depends on which you are comfortable with using/enjoy their design and platform.

Set up a sign-up pop up on your website, have a sign up on facebook. Share your newsletters occasionally on twitter and LinkedIn but not too often as you want to make your subscribers feel as though it’s exclusive content.

To entice people to sign up, offer them something free, like a discount to your product or a whitepaper or chapter to download once subscribed.

Make sure that you have the GDPR compliance aspect set up in whatever platform you choose. If your list is old, you may need to send out one of those resign up reminders. (google what this is all about).

If you don’t have a list, you need to start! I had to start over as my old list was for my (now closed) jewelry company and therefore not ok to send them the new info. But that’s fine, the numbers keep growing each week. So this is your gentle reminder to use your list, send things to those who want to stay in touch. It’s a vital part of your marketing plan.

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