Your Website Checklist

Do you have a website and unsure if it has everything on it that you need? Or maybe you’re getting ready to build a new website and are unsure of where to start? Or you simply want to hear me tell the story of how my first business was a web design company and I talked everyone into building their own instead of hiring me to do so…oops!

In this episode of the Doers Shakers Makers podcast, we’ll cover all of these things and you’ll walk away feeling like you understand tiny business websites a little bit more.

Here’s what’s covered:

  1. The most important thing to understand when creating your website.
  2. The 4 basic pages you’ll need plus the 2 other essentials.
  3. The 7 next level pages you can add.
  4. Visit to see the pages mentions.

To This episode is sponsored by the Doers Shakers Makers Network, a membership group for talented, tiny business owners.

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